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Some of our previous clients

From the day Coresand MEDIA began focusing on my branding, I felt a heavy weight taken off my shoulders. As any independent author/publisher knows, writing the story is what we do, branding is not. The professionals at Coresand MEDIA understand my needs and fulfill them. I've never been disappointed.
Cary Allen Stone
Navid and his team have filmed in the USA for me and delivered an outstanding set of videos. They are now cutting snippet promotion videos for all our platforms including Instagram and LinkedIn. Navid is an outstanding Director and filmmaker who is continuously innovating new styles and methods to get most traction. He goes above and beyond. Next will be a series of courses and further short films.
Rohilesh Singh
Motivational Speaker / Author

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In the meantime, Here is A great tool to help spy on your competition to see what keywords and ads they are using to brand and sell their products/services.