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the basic procecss


Our goal is to create video, audio & digital content based on researched data, specific to each product/services, to get the attention of audiences with the same interests of the products/services, provide them with value and direct them to the landing/sales page to convert into subscribers and/or sales.


Collect data from variable resources including but not limited to; Keywords, Hashtags, Personal Blogs, Forums, Facebook Groups, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat, and utilize these resources to create split testing campaigns to measure which one is the most effective.


Each content will have a structured and consistent design for branding, while having an emotional value for the target audience to connect with and take action.


We will also be looking at our competitions and see what keywords, hashtags, ads, videos, etc. they are using to drive traffic to their sales page, and how do they convert.

split testing

We will create some facebook and Instagram campaign ads to test our collected market data. We will create split testing ads, based on the content we have, to see which ones perform the best based on their conversion rate/engagements.

White Space

While educating ourselves and staying on top of the trends to create effective and attention grabbing content, we will also focus on innovation and following the white space of where the attention is going.

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